SDI TDI ERDI Eastern Europe services members in Albania, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

While the region encompasses many countries, the distances are small, we are diverse with many cultures and many languages.  Please contact us to see how we can assist you with services and products not only with the regional offices but also our country representatives.

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ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING is held for all Tdi/Sdi/Erdi instructors from our region – Eastern Europe. We plan to go over changes in the system, talk about a new programs and other news. We will summarize success and mention weaknesses from past and indicate our progress we would like to achieve.

Techmeeting Budapest3 – 5th March 2017

Hungarian Divers Federation combo_logos_hr hu1

The Hungarian Divers Federation will host its meeting for technical and cave diving fans in Budapest for the 4th time. Meetings of Technical divers and Cave divers have been organised separetly in recent years, however  we held a joint event last year. In 2017 we are following the same route by having a meeting for  technical-,cave-, recreational  divers and for everyone interested.